5 Best Poster Maker App for Android (2018)

Poster maker app

Poster Maker App for Android : Few years ago we were Posting text status on our social media account like facebook and whatsapp. But now i beleive visuals are getting more popular than words. If we take Facebook as a example , Facebook has also started status making feature where we can write staus in a visual form.

But in that Facebook feature there is not enough option to create a good status like poster. And that time we need Poster maker app  by which you can convert your word in a picture form.

If you are a influencer, if you are a brand or may be a general social media user. you can create awesome posters, banners, flyers, and marketing creatives using these apps.

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In this post i am sharing with you 5 Poster maker app for android which will help you get the best out of your smartphone. While there are a variety of applications out there, each one comes with its own set of features to make it stand out from the crowd.


5 Best Poster Maker App for Android



In our lsit of Poster maker apps first app is “CANVA” Nowadays it is most popular app for making poster on android. Canva Firstly launched for making graphic design online, It is an online service that allows anyone to engage in web design. You can become a designer without special training, expensive software and hardware.

Now canva has launched his application also. It has over 6000+ template for every ocassion. We can get templates in different size for different purpose.  For instance, there are separate templates for Facebook covers, Flyers, Invitations, and Twitter posts etc.

Firstly you need to select a template and then you can full customize that template. you can add your own texts in different Fonts, You can also add your images, Cliparts, stickers and many more.

Trust me, if you are aa social media user or any brand you can make some amazing cool posters by using this app.


  • Ease of use.
  • The availability of free templates for pages, images, etc.
  • “Protection from a fool”: the system does not allow you to save the image if you have not completed the work or made a serious mistake.
  • You can save your work in the formats png and pdf. The first one is suitable for publishing images online, and the second one can be used for making printed products.



Developer: Meitu, Inc.
Price: Free
  • 海报工厂 Screenshot
  • 海报工厂 Screenshot
  • 海报工厂 Screenshot


In our lsit of Poster maker app second app is “Posterlabs” by using this app you can make your everyday normal picture more cool and amazing. You can add Frames, text, stickers and clipart to your own photo.

This app gives you excellent poster making skills with just a few taps. Naturally, you have a wide number of customization options to pick from, so you won’t find the app lacking in any way. You can make posters like magzine and movie in just 5 minute.

No application is complete without sharing option and this application also provide you direct sharing option by which you can share your photo to Facebook and whatsapp directly.




The ‘Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer’ app has everything that you need from a poster-creator app. whether you want to create your own scratch poster or you can use premade poster template.

By using the Premade poster you can customize all the the layers, You can Change text and their fonts, You can replaces pictures, You can change color, background E.t.c

If you want to create a new poster, Firstly you need to select a background , there is a large variety of backgrounds from different cateogry like plane background, texture background, color background or Black & white background.

The app offers a wide variety of stickers too. You can choose from sale stickers, offer banners, ribbons, decorations etc. You also get effects and cool customization options for text.

overall it is a good Poster maker App gives all the requires feature which we can expect from any poster maker app for android.



Desygner is a graphic design app with WITH OVER 5,000 templates for creating images for specific purposes. You can Create banners, posters, invitations, Facebook covers, business cards, social media posts & much more.

One of the best thing about this app is you can Get free access to millions of the world’s best stock images. You don’t need to worry about usage rights, or pay ridiculous dollars, or ever think the license you need.

They have scoured the planet to find every useful vector and icon on the planet so that you can use without worrying about licenses or whether we have it.

You can choose between different templates from within the editor as well. Images and text can also be added. The Customize option allows you to add various backgrounds, image place holders, stickers and shapes. It also allows you to draw.

Overall it is a great Poster maker app if you are a graphic designer and if you want to design from your smartphone then this is the Best Poster maker app for you.


  • Edit from a computer, tablet or even a phone!
  • Import images and text from Adobe PDFs, PSDs and Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Millions of free to use public images to drag and drop in to place
  • Thousands of free backgrounds, stickers and text with one click
  • Share online or download as a PDF, JPG or PNG for free.



Developer: zigzag GmbH
Price: Free+
  • Posteroid Screenshot
  • Posteroid Screenshot
  • Posteroid Screenshot
  • Posteroid Screenshot
  • Posteroid Screenshot
  • Posteroid Screenshot
  • Posteroid Screenshot
  • Posteroid Screenshot

This Poster maker app allows you to arrange text notes and quotes with the best design templates. It is enough to choose only the variation that you like and save the result. The service offers 25 original templates, which are presented in several color solutions.

This application has a simple and minimal user interface where you just need to write your Text. after that in just 1 click your text will change into a visual poster. you can change colour and look of your poster and select the best poster for you.

This is an app for writing quotes that you can install in your phone. It gives you the chance to have stunning content. It has many options that you can choose from that meet your needs. Whether you want to edit your picture or notes, the app is good to use. And of course it is a free app which you can download from Playstore.

Features :

  • Automatic formatting.
  • More than 25 curated collections of best graphic designers in the world.
  • Instant sharing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
  • Save notes and send via email or WhatsApp.
  • Create your customized and personal gallery.
  • Be inspired by browsing best notes that is created by others.
  • It is multi platform supported available on android, iOS and web.


If you want to know my opinion then i would suggest you to use Canva and Notegraphy Poster maker apss which have all the features required for making a poster. I hope this post “Poster maker app” will be helpfull for you. plaese share it with Your friends on facebook. I will see you in my next post TILL THEN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO MY LOVELY FRIENDS.