Best Budget Monitor Under 10,000 For Editing & Gaming

Best Budget Monitor Under 10,000
Best Budget Monitor Under 10,000

If you are looking for a great monitor, your search has ended. Without a doubt, it is the best budget gaming monitor . It is also the best monitor for video editing, Gaming, movie watching and Internet browsing under 10,000 Rupees.

Under the budget of 10,000,

a) It is among the very few monitors which are :

* 1) 21.5 inch (Dell S2216H, HP 22ES, Benq GW2255, Benq GW2255HM,LG 22MP58VQ, Benq RL2240HE, Samsung LS22E310HY/XL, LG 22M38D, BenQ GW2270HM, HP 22KD),
* 2) Full HD(Dell S2216H, HP 22ES, Benq GW2255, Benq GW2255HM,LG 22MP58VQ, LG 22M38D, BenQ GW2270HM, HP 22KD),
* 3) IPS (Dell S2216H, HP 22ES,LG 22MP58VQ),
* 4) Matte screen with IPS panel (LG 22MP58VQ and Samsung LS19F350HNWXXL(Glossy with PLS panel) ) (others have either glossy screen with IPS panel or matte screen with VA or TN panel)

b) And is the only one which has :

* 1) Free-sync technology,
* 2) 75 Hz refresh rate(All other have 60 HZ)

Best Budget Monitor Under 10,000

I will try to explain what these terms mean in brackets after the specifications.

* Size 55.88cm (22)
* Panel Type IPS (Best panel type for color reproduction)
* Color Gamut (CIE1976) 72% (Color gamut refers to the various levels of colors that can potentially be displayed by a device.)
* sRGB Coverage 86.1% (This is most common color gamut. Other are Adobe RGB and Photoshop RGB)
* Color Depth (Num of Colors) 16.7M colors (Most common color depth. 10 and 12 bit color depth is for serious graphic designers)
* Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.2915*0.2915 (Distance between centre of pixels to other centre of pixel. Lower the distance, sharper the image )
* Resolution 1920 x 1080
* Brightness(Typ.) 250cd/m2 (It’s ok. Many other monitors offer the same brightness)
* Contrast Ratio(Original) 1000:1 (Here VA panels are better, which offer better contrast ratios of 3000:1 like Benq GW2255, Benq GW2255HM. Better contrast ratio means deeper blacks. But for IPS 1000:1 contrast ratio is common.)
* (DFC) Mega (LG’s DFC is a meaningless number. Dynamic contrast means nothing, it’s marketing jargon.)
* (GTG) 5ms (Its not great, but its good for gaming. For awesome 1 ms response time look at TN panels like Benq RL2240HE)
* Viewing Angle(CR≥10) 178/178 (One of the strong points of IPS panels is great viewing angles. No color distortion even if you look from very side)
* Surface Treatment Anti-Glare,3H (Matte screen is a must have, if you have lot of light in your room)
* Display interfaces D-Sub(VGA), DVI-D, HDMI (Many others have only two of these three display interfaces)
* Audio output Headphone Out (Audio quality was not good, and why would anyone connect headphones to monitors instead of their PCs)
* Maximum Power Consumption 17.6W
* Sleep Mode Power consumption Under 0.3W


* Also comes with cable holder, which is a detachable plastic part, that comes separately with the monitor and attaches itself to back of stand, and manages cables, so that you cannot see cables from front. It keeps things neat and managed.
* It is VESA mount compatible. Many budget monitors are not VESA mount compatible.
* Comes pre caliberated. Not many do. You get a printed ‘color calibration factory report’ with monitor inside box. You don’t need to adjust anything by going into menu, if you don’t want.
* Not all IPS are good but this really is and shows a lot better image than TN panels.
* You see sharper image on 22 inch 1080p screen, than 24 or 27 inch 1080p screen. As all three screens have same number of pixels, smaller size will have more pixel per inch than bigger screens.

I am really enjoying this monitor. If you like to have lots of features at low price and still want good quality product, this monitor is for you. Honestly I am waiting to see which monitor will come to dethrone this one, as the best budget monitor. I mean which monitor will be able to add more features than this one without increasing the price and still maintaining the quality.

I have many stories to tell, about my experience with this monitor. How I connected this with different PCs and laptops and how it interacted differently on them. Not going to bore you guys with details but a word of advice try to use this monitor over HDMI, as it works better and adds feature instead of VGA.

You also get OnScreen Control Software with this monitor, which I liked. Its simple to use. You don’t have to control monitor settings from menu by using the joystick but you can do it from this monitor using your mouse easily. It lets you add display presets to different applications. And the presets will change automatically, when you switch to different applications. For example; if I add Reader preset to Microsoft Word and Cinema preset to VLC player, the brightness and contrast will go down whenever I switch to Word and will go up, whenever I switch to VLC.
You can also use screen split feature with one click from it. Screen splitting is that you can split your screen and look at two, three or four windows at a time on your screen. For example; I can look at chrome and word, side by side and I will not have to switch between them again and again, if I am doing work which needs both of these applications. Although, Windows 10 and some other free softwares like WinSplit and GridVista,offer split screen feature, but I liked this software. It’s easy.

Also the main thing. It really shows sharp image quality. Color and contrast are fantastic.

Gamers (even with Nvidea graphic card, as they also get 75Hz), Video editors and designers (as colors are important for them, which they cannot get on TN and VA panels) and any casual user(who simply uses computer for using mails and watch youtube videos) will benefit from this monitor.
Laptop owners who want a bigger 22 inch and higher 1080 resolution matte screen in comparison to their mostly smaller 14 inch and lower 768 resolution glossy screen.


Amazon :- Click here to buy


* 1) Free-sync
* 2) Anti glare IPS screen
* 3) 75 Hz refresh rate
* 4) Crisp image quality
* 4) Black stabilizers, for adjusting screen’s gamma curve, which helps in seeing dark areas of games easily.
* 5) Awesome Onscreen Control Software
* 6) Best budget gaming monitor


* 1) Bezels are not as thin as many say.
* 2) Stand can only tilt, has no height adjustment or rotation. And also wobbles.
* 3) Only one HDMI.
* 4) Shows some IPS glow.
* 5) Glossy plastic back and stand.
* 6) Because of its popularity, it might not be available or sellers might increase their prices in future.
* 7) No speakers

I didn’t expected something like this will ever come under the price of 10,000. But it did. It’s undoubtedly the best budget gaming monitor around the world.

Amazon :- Click here to buy

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